History of FALA

FALA was founded when three regional associations, Suncoast Adult Care Association (St. Petersburg/Clearwater), Florida Residential Care Association (Orlando), The Adult Care Association of Florida (Broward County) and many independent facility owners statewide, decided to join forces to create one “voice” for Adult Congregate Living Facilities (ACLFs) in Florida. This dynamic groups’ focus was on legislative action, government relations and making changes that would enhance the ACLF industry. FALA lobbied successfully through subsequent years to increase funding for ALFs, find new sources of funding (Medicaid Waiver) and to change the then unpopular name of ACLFs to the preferred name that we use today, Assisted Living Facilities (ALFs).

In 2004, FALA's membership voted to amend our bylaws to allow membership for Adult Family Care Homes (AFCH).

In 2006, FALA made history again, by passing landmark legislation that moved ALF regulations from Florida Statute 400 to a new Florida Statute Chapter 429.

Today, FALA is the largest state association representing nearly 500 assisted living facilities and adult family care homes and 200 associate members who provide products and services to assisted living.

 Strength of FALA

The Florida Assisted Living Association (FALA) is a strong, unified, professional organization representing the owners and operators of assisted living communities. In today's world every professional must have an advocate that promotes the interests and goals of its members and that serves as a watchdog for initiatives that run contrary to the mission and goals of its members. Assisted living is what FALA is all about. Who we represent is crystal clear. Our membership is comprised of facilities ranging in size from those who care for a few individuals to those that care for hundreds. Big, small, for-profit and not-for profit there is a place for every type of ALF operated in Florida. When you join FALA you are joining the largest network of assisted living providers in Florida.