Probably the most important aspect of FALA's work, legislative issues continue throughout the year, not just during session.  FALA's Director of Government Affairs, Susan Langston, is point person for all legislative activity.  FALA's Legislative Committee works with the staff and lobbyists to develop strategy and work with legislators.  Legislative activity affects the Florida Statutes that assisted living is regulated by;  Florida Statutes 408, 429, and 435.
To learn more about the legislative process, find Florida Statutes, and look up bills, go to Online Sunshine.

2012 FALA Legislative Session Final Report


The Florida Administrative Code, commonly referred to as the 'rule' interprets the Florida Statutes.  FALA follows activity and participates in rule development for all rules that affect assisted living and adult family care homes.

Assisted Living Facilities
F.A.C. 58A-5
F.A.C. 64E-11
F.A.C. 64E-12
F.A.C. 69A-40

Adult Family Care Homes
F.A.C. 58A-14


Contribute to the PAC

The Florida Assisted Living Committee of Continuous Existence (also known as FALPAC) was formed to allow Florida Assisted Living Association (FALA), its members and others the opportunity to support the candidacy of individuals who are supportive of the ALF profession and the residents we serve. Campaign contributions are the lifeblood of the political process. By demonstrating our financial support to our legislative champions, we have made a difference in electing key legislators who have passed positive legislation.

Campaigns are expensive! In the same way you rely on payments from your residents, candidates rely on contributions from voters. It is our goal to support financially the campaigns of those candidates that support assisted living.