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An online Status Tracking and Availability Tool which replaced EMResource for reporting information regarding licensed health care facility emergency status, beds, planning, or operations, as required by Section 408.821(4), Florida Statutes. 

Owned by the Department of Health; managed in cooperation with the Agency for Health Care Administration. 

Licensees providing residential or inpatient services must utilize to report information to the Agency regarding the provider’s emergency status, planning, or operations.
• Simple bed and system status reporting.
• Email/text notifications of events, alerts, and other emergency preparedness information.
• Facilities can add and remove users.
Additonal information about FLHealthStat

AHCA Incident Reporting System (AIRS)
  • Per s. 429.23, Florida Statutes, required adverse incident reports can now be electronically submitted for ambulatory surgical centers, assisted living facilities, hospitals, nursing homes, and health plans.
  • User-friendly features include check mark confirmation when a section has been completed, help icons, system generated email reminders to users, and the ability to produce reports from the system.

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  • Single data source for background screening results of persons required to be screened by law: Ch 435, s. 408.909(4) and s. 409.907, Florida Statutes.
  • REMINDER: Facilities are required to maintain a current employee roster, with updates to be made within 10 business days of a change, including a new hire, termination or position change. Compliance will ensure the facility receives accurate reminders for fingerprint renewal and notification of change in eligibility.

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Automated alerting service that provides timely alert messages when patients are discharged from a hospital or emergency department.
  • Delivers alerts about a patient's medical services encounter to an authorized recipient with an existing relationship to the patient, such as a health plan or care provider.