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Florida House Issues Committee Bill

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  • On: 02/28/2018 09:29:51
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The Florida House has issued its Bill to address health care disaster and response. The Bill is void of requirements for generators.

As a result of the Florida House's Hurricane Prepairdness Committe's suggestions, the Florida House has proposed HB 7085, that addresses assisted living, nursing homes, home health and other providers. The Bill begin ass a HHS Committe Bill. Here are the highligts for ALFs.
  • Provides for fines on providers that fail to have an approved emergency management plan as required by law.
  • Provides for a $500 fine for the failure to enter into and maintain mutual aide agreements 252.355 (4) (b) by July 1, 2019
  • Requires the licensee to conduct annual staff training on the policies and procedures for implementing the plan within 2 months of hurricane season.
  • Requires testing of the implementation of the plan in a planned drill or in response to a disaster or emergency. New staff have 30 days to be trained on the policies and procedures.
  • The licensee must provide documentation of the training to the Emergency management and AHCA within 30 days.
  •  Failure to follow the policies and procedures in the licensee's comprehensive emergency management plan is grounds for action by the agency against a licensee. The agency shall consider the licensee's efforts to follow the plan and circumstances beyond the licensee's control that caused the failure. In determining the penalty, the agency shall evaluate the potential or actual harm to the client's health, safety, and security caused by the failure.
  • Provides for the revocation of the license if you fail to comply with the requirements for the plan of the plan.
  • During any calendar year in which a survey is not conducted, the agency may conduct monitoring visits of each facility cited in the previous year for a class I or class II violation or for more than three uncorrected class III violations.
  • The agency shall conduct periodic follow up inspections as necessary to monitor the compliance of facilities with a history of any violations related to the requirements for the comprehensive emergency management plan.
  • Your CEMP must address the following:
          f. Hardening;
          g. Staffing, including which staff are responsible for implementing each element of the plan, how the facility will maintain staffing during emergencies, and whether and how the facility will accommodate family members of staff;

2. Facilities must include information in their plans about:
    a. Whether the facility is located in an evacuation zone;
    b. Whether the facility intends to shelter in place or relocate to another facility;
    c. Whether the facility has an emergency power source;
    d. How the facility will inform residents and the resident's designated family member, legal representative, or guardian when the emergency management plan has been activated; and
    e. A working phone number for the facility for use by the resident's designated family member, legal representative, or guardian to make contact postdisaster.
3. A facility must provide to the agency, its residents, and the resident's designated family member, legal representative, or guardian information and an overview of the facility's comprehensive emergency management plan and, if appropriate, a description of the evacuation plan. The agency must post this information on its consumer information website. Any changes to this information must be provided to the agency, the facility's residents, and the resident's designated family member, legal representative, or guardian within 30 days after the change takes effect.


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