Call A Doctor Plus

Dear Members:
I am excited to announce that we are now offering the Call A Doctor Plus (CADR+) tele-physician program to members. CADR+ is the national channel partner to Teladoc , the leading tele-physician provider in the industry.  CADR+ is unique in that they offer the Teladoc program to subscribers with no co-pays and no deductibles, and they also function as the plan administrator and do all of the “heavy lifting” for employers.
Teladoc is the oldest (founded in 2002), largest (12 million subscribers nationwide), and most reputable tele-physician provider in the country. Although some other providers do offer the services of board-certified physicians, only Teladoc employs physicians that are also National Committee on Quality Assurance (NCQA) certified.
Typically, other tele-physician providers offer a program that requires a $40-$50 co-pay at the time of the consultation.  Those programs have less than a 10% participation rate, and therefore a lower ROI. The CADR+ program that we are offering to members has the highest utilization rate in the industry (32%), and therefore the highest ROI (as high as 400%).
We expect our member participants to fall into one of two categories:
  • Businesses currently offering a subsidized employee benefit program. Teladoc’s national customers include such well known names as Home Depot, Penske, Rent A Center, Accenture, T-Mobile, and Starbucks. These and other employers subsidizing employee benefit programs have used the Teladoc program to significantly reduce claims-related operating costs.  For the 75% of consultations that the AMA estimates can be handled remotely, a Teladoc consultation is far less costly than an Emergency Room, Urgent Care Center, or PCP office visit.
  • Businesses currently unable to offer a subsidized employee benefit program. We recognize that many of our small employer members have been seeking a way to reward loyal full-time, part-time, or seasonal employees. Thousands of employers around the country have found the Teladoc program to be a significant new employee retention and/or recruitment tool. 
On a retail basis, individual families (of up to 6 members) are enrolling in the Teladoc program for $18.95 per month. Outside of the association, individual businesses of less than 1,000 employees are enrolling in the CADR+ no co-pay and no deductible program for $12-$15 per family per month. 

Through your FALA membership, you can provide this program, on a non-voluntary basis, to your employee families for $9 per month (or $.05/hour for a full-time employee). 

Additional information can be found at: You should also feel free to direct any additional questions to our Teladoc program representatives: Horacio Garcia ( or Tim Harrison (
Your association leadership believes that the Teladoc program will significantly reduce employee-related claims costs for larger members, and will allow smaller members to offer a meaningful and affordable benefit to employees and their families.  Please take a few minutes of your time to consider the opportunity.Thank you and enjoy the rest of your day!  

Shad Haston