Medication Training and Updates

Medication Training (4 hours)
This program covers the required training for unlicensed staff involved with the management of medications and assisting with the self-administration of medications under Section 429.256.  Unlicensed staff must complete this initial 4 hours of training provided by a registered nurse, licensed pharmacist, or department staff prior to assisting a resident with self-administration of medications. 

Registration Fees:  $40.00 Members    $59.00 Non-Members

Classes scheduled upon request with 10 or more.

4 Hours Medication Training - Lake Wales #LG10MT
November 21, 2017    9:00am-1:00pm

4 Hours Medication Training - Naples #LG11MT
November 28, 2017    1:00pm-5:00pm

Medication Continuing Education Training  (2 hours)
Unlicensed persons, as defined in Section 429.256(1)(b), F.S., who provide assistance with self-administered medications and have successfully completed the initial 4 hour training, must obtain, annually, a minimum of  2 hours of continuing education training on providing assistance with self-administered medications and safe medication practices in an assisted living facility. The 2 hours of continuing education training shall only be provided by a licensed registered nurse, or a licensed pharmacist.

Registration Fees:  $20 Members   $39 Non-Members

There are no 2-hour continuing education classes scheduled at this time.  Please check back or contact the FALA office at 850-383-1159.