2018 BREAKOUT SESSION: What does a guardian look for in an ALF?


The session will provide a greater understanding of how a Guardian may provide his or her expertise to ALF residents.  Guardians are much like a Realtor and should have curbside appeal on how to address the challenges  and positives of residing in an assisted living facility.  Further, the session will describe what a Guardian does ? How to find a Guardian?  And, Why would a resident  need the services of a Guardian?


Robert Dixon has been a court-appointed guardian since 2006 and has seen wonderful ideas from the many ALFs he has visited. His understanding of Florida law as it relates to guardianship makes him uniquely qualified to share his views on what a Guardian looks for in an ALF. He has a wide background in the various aspects of business: marketing, HR, real estate, finance, lT, operations, and following government rules and regulations. Finally, over his 11 years as guardian he has visited and worked with dozens of ALFs.He has seen the good the bad and the ugly.  He looks forward to providing his perspective on how to fill the beds with well looked after residents as we walk them to the banks of the River Jordan.