FALA has the most robust training program in the state, offering classes from the Panhandle to the Florida Keys, in addition to online training. Below is an overview of our educational offerings.  For more information on a specific course, or to register for a class, simply click on your selected course from the Education tab’s dropdown list.  Each course page offers a schedule and an online registration form, or you can print out the required registration form and fax it to FALA at (850) 224-0448.  For questions or assistance, please call the FALA office at (850) 383-1159 or 1-800-785-3252.  We look forward to serving all your training and continuing education needs.
ALF Core Training The Core Training is designed for prospective assisted living facility administrators in preparation of taking the state mandated competency exam and meets the requirements in Florida Statute 429.52 and Florida Administrative Code 58A-5.0191.  This program is approved for 26 hours of nursing home administrator and nursing continuing education credits and is reported directly to CE Broker.
12 Hour Core Refresher Training This class is a review of the laws and rules and is designed for those individuals who completed Core Training more than 2 years ago, or for any individual who wants a general refresher on the current rules and regulations.  There have been many changes to assisted living regulations, and this class will provide an overview of the more difficult sections of the regulations, as well as a review of all current changes to the statutes and rules.  This class will satisfy 12 hours of continuing education. 
Extended Congregate Care Training This training is required for the administrator and the extended congregate care supervisor, if different from the administrator, in facilities that have the ECC licensure.  This initial training must be completed prior to a facility receiving its ECC licensure or within 3 months of beginning employment in the facility as an administrator or ECC supervisor.  Successful completion of the ALF Core training is a prerequisite for this training.  RNs receive 4 hours of continuing education which will be reported directly to CE Broker.
Adult Family Care Home 12 Hour Training This is the training required by Florida Statute 429.75 for individuals wishing to apply for a license as an Adult Family Care Home (AFCH) provider.
Basic Caregiver Training Chapter 58A-5, F.A.C., provides that the ALF administrator or manager shall provide or arrange for training for direct care staff within 30 days of employment.  This training shall include resident rights, medication, food handling, infection control, major emergencies, resident needs and elopement, HIV/AIDS, and CPR and DNR. The Basic Caregiver course includes resident rights, ADL's and communicating with the elderly.
Dietary Update Training Florida Administrative Code 58A-5.0191(6) requires that the administrator or person designated by the administrator as responsible for the facility's food service and the day-to-day supervision of food service receive a 2-hour update annually in topics pertinent to nutrition and food service in an assisted living facility.
Compliance Course  Are you ready for that survey?  Today more than ever before it is imperative that you stay in compliance.  This class provides the tools you need to ensure that your community is "survey ready."  
Alzheimer's Training  Chapter 58A-5, F.A.C., provides that staff who have regular contact with or provide direct care to residents with ADRD shall obtain 4 hours of initial training within 3 months of employment and an additional 4 hours of training within 9 months of employment.  FALA offers training for Alzheimer's Level I, Alzheimer's Level II, and Alzheimer's update classes.
Online Training  Check out our extensive list of online courses, including: ECC Training (4hrs), Alzheimer's 1 & 2 (4hrs ea.), Residents Rights in  Florida (1hr), HIV/AIDS (2hrs), Abuse, Neglect & Exploitation (1hr), Residents Behavior, Needs & ADL's (3hrs), Infection Control/Universal Precautions (1hr), and Safe Food Handling Practices (1hr)
Medication Training (4 hours) This program covers the required training for unlicensed staff involved with the management of medications and assisting with the self-administration of medications under Section 429.256, F.S.  Unlicensed staff must complete this initial 4 hours of training provided by a registered nurse, licensed pharmacist, or department staff prior to assisting a resident with self-administration of medications. 
Medication Continuing Education Training (2 hours)  Unlicensed persons, as defined in Section 429.256(1)(b), F.S., who provide assistance with self-administered medications and have successfully completed the initial 4-hour training must obtain annually a minimum of 2 hours of continuing education training on providing assistance with self-administered medications and safe medication practices in an assisted living facility. The 2 hours of continuing education training shall only be provided by a licensed registered nurse or a licensed pharmacist.