Mock Inspections

Have Your Mock Surveys/Inspections Performed By Previous AHCA Inspectors!

Maybe you’re in your survey window or maybe you just need some help because of past survey non-compliance, well, mock surveys may be the answer to your problem. Mock surveys can be performed internally or externally, but the key is making sure your staff take it seriously. The Agency for Health Care Administration issues millions in fines every year and they are all based on non-compliance. These fines continue to increase because providers fail to see the value of developing and implementing policies and procedure; and when they do place resources into the policies and procedures, they fail to test these procedures in simulated or mock situations. The time to test has to be before you meet with surveyors outside your door.

Mock inspections are one of the best ways to provide a training experience that approximates the realism of a survey performed by the Agency for Health Care Administration. In
businesses they call these types of simulated regulatory visits mock inspections, and they are a common practice to help businesses ensure that they continue to be survey ready.
What a mock inspections does for your community? In short, it allows providers to test themselves and their staff under realistic survey conditions and provides the guidance people need to respond to the situation quickly and appropriately. This type of experience is valuable for a number of reasons. It allows you to test you and your staff under the most realistic conditions and to determine whether your processes provide the guidance your administrator and staff need to respond quickly and appropriately.

Mock inspections provide a tremendous opportunity to analyze employee capabilities, corporate procedures, and information systems to determine whether you are survey ready. As a result, you can identify and correct weaknesses and can enhance your systems and procedures before damage to your company and its brand. A good mock survey will bring an objective assessment of your processes, staff coaching, and the ability to have a baseline to measure future improvement.

With the experience of mock inspections, your employees will have a much better idea about the types of questions Agency surveyors will ask, proper responses that should be given, and how they should react in strenuous situations. They will also have a greater appreciation of the seriousness of the inspection process and its importance to your organization. With that combination of knowledge and practice, there is a much greater likelihood that they will respond properly and handle their roles professionally during an actual inspection. Participation in mock inspections should also reduce the anxiety level of those who are later involved in real inspections.
There are many companies and businesses in Florida that can provide these services, but you must be sure that they can provide you the services you need, have a great understanding of the statutes and the rules. Here are some questions to ask:
  • Have you performed these services before and can you provide references?
  • How many actual inspections have you performed?
  • What is your level of formal education and what certifications do you hold?
  • Have you been taught to look for issues that AHCA inspectors look for? 
  • Will you be able to tell me what statute and rule that was violated?
  • Can you show me some of your past surveys at your previous building?
When it is all said and done, do you believe that hiring this company will provide a benefit to your organization? In many industries, the best compliance inspectors were inspectors themselves and learned from the very state and federal agencies that perform the inspections. For more information, contact Ms. Alberta Granger at or 850.383.1159. She will be happy to tell you about FALA's ex-AHCA inspectors who will bring a level of authenticity that can only be matched by persons that have done hundreds of surveys.